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London, May 23 . .- The United Kingdom registered 282 new deaths from coronavirus, reaching a total of 36,675 deaths since the start of the pandemic, as revealed on Saturday by British Transport Minister Grant Shapps.

In the daily press conference held virtually from Downing Street, that head also indicated that in this country, another 2,959 new infections by COVID-19 have been registered in the last 24 hours.

The new death toll from the disease was lower today than the one released yesterday, at 351, according to data provided by the British Department of Health.

In his appearance, the head of Transport announced today a package of 283 million pounds (307 million euros) destined to put the public transport network – altered by the pandemic – back to a full schedule.

However, Shapps urged those citizens who can work from home to continue doing so and warned that the transport service can only carry, at best, one fifth of its normal capacity in order to maintain the required social distance to prevent the spread of the virus.

Therefore, he encouraged the British to avoid public transport and opt for alternative means such as cycling, own vehicles or traveling on foot.

Deputy Government Medical Adviser Jenny Harries noted that a “consistent, slow” downward trend in hospital admissions in England has been detected by COVID-19, adding that in all four regions, the percentage of ventilated beds Mechanics occupied by patients with coronavirus are also “falling.”

Harries also referred to the British Executive’s plan to reopen primary schools in England from June 1, a move deemed premature by scientists and dozens of English municipalities.

“We are still learning about how the disease works in children, but it is known that they rarely get sick with COVID-19 and there are signs that transmission by children is reduced,” said the expert.

The figures are known as the government today criticizes Dominic Cummings, the prime adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for having skipped confinement last March to travel with his wife and young son to his parents’ residence. in Durham, about 400 kilometers from London.

The Cummings woman had symptoms of COVID-19 and, according to Johnson’s adviser, given the high probability that he would also end up infected, they went to his parents’ residence to receive family help to care for their four-year-old son, although in another separate building within the property.

From Downing Street, an official spokesman clarified today that the adviser “behaved reasonably and within the law” despite the fact that this displacement has outraged the Labor opposition, which has recalled that citizens “have made extraordinary sacrifices during this pandemic and confinement. “

A Labor spokesman stressed that “there cannot be one rule for those who draw them and another for the British.”

Cummings has received the support of several members of the Executive, including Cabinet Minister Michael Gove, who indicated in a tweet that “taking care of your wife and son is not a crime.”

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab also came out in support, noting that “it is reasonable and fair to ask for an explanation for this. And it has been provided: two parents with coronaviruses eagerly caring for their young son.”

The United Kingdom announced yesterday that a 14-day quarantine will be imposed on travelers arriving in the country from June 8 to try to prevent further outbreaks.

Skipping quarantine will be punishable by £ 1,000 in England (€ 1,120) – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will set their own penalties – and the police will carry out random house checks to verify compliance.