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C. Tangana visited El hormiguero for the first time, and although it was by video call, the musician wanted to launch a pacifist message instead of promoting his latest single, as the guests interviewed by Pablo Motos usually do.

It has been difficult for you to be with us because you have joined the #BlackOutTuesday movement [la iniciativa en protesta por el episodio racista ocurrido en EEUU con la muerte de George Floyd] in which the entire music industry participates“The presenter commented.

The musician commented that “You don’t know me for being responsible or joining many solidarity causes, but I thought it was a good opportunity that, the first time I appear in El hormiguero, to do something that was not only for me. “

“We all know what has happened, we have seen it in all the newspapers, George Floyd was assassinated and has put the racism debate on the table“He pointed out. C. Tangana ruled out talking about his single:” Perhaps it would be better to talk about I am never today, but it seems to me that it will not be possible. “

The singer stressed that the situation had made him ask himself a lot of questions, and among them if “in Spain there is or is not racism because we do not see it in this aggressive way as it has happened in the United States, or it does not provoke these important reactions “.

I think there are still things to fix within ourselves. It is very good to join a cause by publishing a post on social networks and seeing how the famous people on duty put the ad, “he said.

But he made another reflection: “I think we should see ourselves because Spain is in a moment of great friction. Quarantine has pitted us against each other And I think it would be good if we realized what are the discourses and attitudes that we want our politicians to have and which ones we have ourselves. “

C. Tangana left Motos speechless, who let him continue his speech without interrupting him at any time: “I hope these kinds of attitudes, that maybe in Spain we still have, do not reach any more because when we let them grow and become part of our society, things as serious as those that are happening in the United States end up happening

“I did not want to get heavy,” concluded the artist. When he finished, Trancas exclaimed: “Wonderful. I underline everything you have said. It seems to me a good reflection on the Instagram posts with messages, but then they have a deliberation behind them. “

C. Tangana, in ‘El hormiguero’.ATRESMEDIA.