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The center of the Spanish team and the Toronto Raptors Marc Gasol He was hopeful with the possibility that the NBA will play again after the break due to the coronavirus pandemic, since now he talks about “how and when to play” and that gives him “energy, a plus, a goal”.

I’m glad I used those months to work hard, and now it seems that we talk about how and when to play. That gives me energy, a plus, a goal. A player needs clear goals, and wanting to compete and jump on the track“explained the interior, who answered questions from fans in a live video organized by the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) on Twitter.

The reigning NBA champion with Toronto and the world with the Spanish team made this reflection about a question about whether to consider returning to the Memphis Grizzlies at the end of his career, a situation in which he said he does not think.

“I do not consider the step of finishing my career, I am glad that I took advantage of the break to overcome physical problems I was having and for which I could not get continuity, “he explained.

The team brings “many things, beyond basketball” to Marc Gasol, who recalled that the current successes of the Spanish team are the result of the work of “many people”, including the two world titles in Japan 2006 and China 2019, in both with the competition of the Sant Boi center.

“You are not the same person. With age, with a little more maturity, you are able to enjoy it more than with 21 years I had in 2006, everything was going very fast, that summer I rebounded (in the national team) …. You are able to enjoy it more with 35, although I celebrated both of them very well, “recalled the interior.

Two triumphs that “not at all” Marc hoped to achieve, not even when in Japan 2006 Spain surpassed Serbia and Montenegro (87-75) or Lithuania (89-67). “Things were going very well, but you do not think about winning, but that that game goes well, and as a consequence you end up winning, “he recalled.

“And in China this year has been an example of not thinking further, not being affected by the environment and enjoying every moment very much. Being the winner of two world championships seems incredible to me“he added, speaking about the last World Cup conquered by the Spanish team.