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According to the Jalisco state prosecutor, the arrest of Alejandro Giovanni was not related “to the fact that he did not wear a mask”, as reported by some media and spread on social networks.

The Office of the Mexican State of Jalisco launched an investigation into the alleged responsibility of Municipal Police officers in the death of Alejandro Giovanni, 30, when he was in police custody in early May.

Prosecutor Gerardo Octavio Salís Gómez explained that since May 5, an investigation has been carried out focused on elements of the lxtlahuacán de los Membrillos Police, who “could be involved in other folders for possible acts of abuse of authority.”

“The Government of Jalisco will not overlap or tolerate any public servant who, in the use of his powers, violates the human rights of the people, so that in this case, as well as in those that may arise, he will act with the full weight of the law, “he said.

On the other hand, Salís Gómez specified that, according to the available data, the arrest of Giovanni was not related to the fact that he was not wearing a face mask to protect yourself from the coronavirus, as published on social media and in the local press. At the moment, however, the official cause that led to his arrest has not transpired.

“Authority abuse”

Local media reported that Giovanni was arrested on May 4 for not wearing his face mask on public roads. In a video that circulates on the networks, Giovanni is seen struggling with several policemen who try to put him in the vehicle and, finally, they take him into custody.

“Will nothing else go because he doesn’t have a mask on? You can’t go up like that (…) abuse of authority, “a woman is heard on the recording.

Giovanni’s family explained to the media that they contacted the mayor, Eduardo Cervantes Aguilar, who, according to them, told them to go and find the detainee at the Municipal Police facilities the next day. However, upon arrival they were informed that he had been transferred to the Civil Hospital, where he died of traumatic brain injury, according to the death certificate circulating through the networks.

The brother of the deceased, who recorded the video of the arrest, said that the mayor, through a third person, offered the family 200,000 pesos (about $ 9,000) if they didn’t publish the recording.

“If this situation is verified, the mayor would be committing an irregularity which could become a crime, so if he had data in this regard, an investigation would be initiated against him to define his responsibility,” the Prosecutor General’s Office explained in a statement. .

For his part, Enrique Alfaro, Governor of Jalisco, reiterated that the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating thoroughly. “If the municipal police officers are guilty of committing an excess in the use of force, they will be punished with the full weight of the law,” he assured.

Messages have been multiplied on social networks denouncing the death of Giovanni with the hashtag #JusticiaParaGiovanni.

The case is reminiscent of what happened last week in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA), where a policeman suffocated the African American George Floyd to death, which has caused a wave of protests inside and outside the country.