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Only true runners will follow the command of every good runner: wear sneakers so striking that they are more than 5 kilometers away, wear quality wireless headphones that offer an extra dose of motivation in the toughest workouts and, finally , wear a latest generation smartwatch on your wrist that records all the data of your session (so that later you can show off in any of the mobile applications). However, this last gadget is not only practical for sports routines, since offers information of our day to day and, therefore, beyond athletes, many choose to have a smart watch.

These devices record data as important as the quality of sleep, since poor and poor sleep affects our health and our state of mind. Many too They incorporate a sedentary alert function that you can adjust according to your routine so that, if you have been sitting for a long time, I will notify you so that you can get to work. For these and other benefits, having a smartwatch is not just for athletes.

At Amazon they know it and, so that anyone who wants can get one, has reduced the GRD model by 15%, which, in addition to the nine sports modes, includes a heart rate monitor and sleep quality, among other benefits. Further, It is available with the discount in both black and pink. Don’t you think this is the opportunity to get one?

The discounted GRDE model is available in black and pink. Amazon

Three reasons to try it

An off-road ‘smartwatch’. Available in two colors, with a 1.3-inch touch screen and compatible with Android and iOs systems, this smart watch has many features that make it a good purchase. In addition to being waterproof (although not compatible with diving), the GRDE device records all the data of our daily activity, notifies calls and messages from our ‘smartphone’ and generates automatic alerts so that we do not forget to have received them, it has Nine sport modes and a comfortable, ergonomic design so it doesn’t weigh on your wrist. Ten days of autonomy. One of the most important benefits to be taken into account when looking at smart watches is the autonomy of its battery, since it will depend on the use that we can later give to our ‘gadgget’. In the case of this GRDE it can be used up to 10 days and the waiting time is up to 45 days, after two hours of charging A sporty profile. Although it is not the reason for its design, this ‘smartwatch’ also does the ‘sportwatch’, like most of its class. Thus, thanks to the movement and high-performance sensors of the sphere, you can monitor your heart rate and sleep quality, and then prepare reports to help us develop a healthier lifestyle.

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