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Day to day we strive to maintain a healthy diet in which we have learned to make the most of the possibilities of fruits and vegetables, more since we have a glass blender to prepare smoothies and juices. We also know that success requires effort and that, therefore, our sports routines are more than necessary. However, as much as we comply with these processes, If we do not control our evolution with data, we cannot know if these measures are being effective.

In this sense, and although weight is a key piece of information in this process, it is necessary to take into account other measures that guarantee that all the effort we are making is worthwhile. Thus, We must pay attention to our body indexes, values ​​that offer us useful and detailed information about our body and our organism. Knowing these, we can focus our diet and our exercise in a more efficient way.

If you think that knowing this data is very complicated, you are very wrong. It is enough with an intelligent scale capable of controlling all and, in addition, of preparing reports that help us to know our evolution. The one signed by Xiaomi, for sale at Mediamarkt for just under 30 euros, fulfills all these functions and it supports up to 16 different profiles, thus becoming a ‘gadget’ for the whole family that will help us to know a more realistic weight that, of course, will have to be checked with our GP.

This scale measures the most important body indices.MediaMarkt

Record of ten data for the whole family

Far from traditional scales that only shed the total weight without taking other measures into account, this Xiaomi gadget is able to record up to ten percentages of measurement that will help us to know, really, what is our physical state. Thus, thanks to the intelligent technology that they have endowed it, we can easily know our BMI, the amount of muscle, bone or water mass, body and visceral fat and our basal metabolism. Furthermore, with all this information, and through the mobile app where it shows the results, performs a general assessment of our body composition to help us know what measures we must work to be healthy.

It should be noted that one of the reasons that make this scale an intelligent device is your ability to identify and recognize who gets on the platform, connecting the new information with the previous data and showing the evolution of all the measurement percentages.

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