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“Neither of them was willing to resign,” said the author of the recording.

A small lizard calf was fighting “to the death” against an adult snake in the Mala Mala Game Reserve, located in the Kruger National Park, northeast South Africa.

In a video published on Tuesday in the reserve channel on YouTube, you can see how the lizard, completely gripped by a poisonous yellow-bellied snake, tries to free itself by biting it. However, he fails to do so because his rival has his teeth firmly nailed to his neck. Finally, the snake overcomes and swallows the entire lizard.

“Neither of them was willing to quit, and it was certainly going to be an appropriate battle to the death for these reptiles,” said video author Kristy DeLange, who visited the National Park in March with her family. “At first we were confused about who the real hunter was and who was being hunted,” he admitted.