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The Dutchman Joost Luiten was training with his ‘caddy’ the delivery of golf clubs from a meter and a half away and, apparently, he still has to practice a lot so as not to endanger the physical integrity of the spectators.

Dutch golfer Joost Luiten was practicing with his ‘caddy’ how to play while still maintaining the 1.5 meter social distance to avoid the coronavirus, and the result of the attempt ended up being very painful for his girlfriend, who was recording the scene.

This May 19, the athlete published a video on his Instagram account showing the episode in question. In the images it is seen how his ‘caddy’ throws the club several times from a distance so that the golfer can catch him on the fly and immediately hit the ball. Luiten cannot be said to be very successful, as he either fails to grab the club or, when he succeeds, hits the ball very badly. However, the worst stop came out of the situation was his girlfriend, Melanie-Jane Lancaster, who was filming the training and who received a ball after one of Luiten’s blunders.

“Play golf with a ‘caddy’ and keep [la distancia de] 1.5 meters is difficult. I almost killed my girlfriend with a ball while trying to master the social distancing (she survived, she only got a bruise), “wrote the golfer, winner of the BMW Indoor Invitational.

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