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The incident occurred in Louisville, United States, amid the protests by the African American killed last Monday by the police.

A reporter for a US television channel and her team were attacked this Friday by a police officer while covering protests in Kentucky over the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, in police custody.

As night fell, WAVE 3 News reporter Kaitlin Rust made a live connection from downtown Louisville, at Kentucky state, an all-day scene of protests by the African-American community, when a riot police officer began firing a flurry of pepper balls towards her and her cameraman.

The images show how the uniformed man points directly at the camera and the body of the informants.

The video shows how the journalist begins to scream and how they ask her from the studio if she is okay. The journalist tells that they are shot at, she clarifies that they are fine and that it is about pepper bullets, at which time the policeman is seen pointing the camera directly. From the news they are very surprised, without being able to explain the reaction of the agents. Then the journalist and the rest of the team leave the scene.

Pepper balls are considered non-lethal weapons, are used by riot police to disperse demonstrations, and contain irritating chemicals in granules much like pepper spray.

During another protest in Minneapolis, a special forces squad arrested a CNN journalist of African-American and Latino roots along with his team on Friday when they were broadcasting live, and they were released soon after.

Louisville lived this Friday his second night of violence Amid protests over the death on Monday of George Floyd, an unarmed African American, who was knocked to the ground by a Minneapolis agent, after which he planted his knee in his neck without allowing him to breathe for several minutes. The detainee died shortly afterwards in a hospital.