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The laser is attached to the amphibious transport ship USS Portland (LPD 27), currently deployed near Pearl Harbor.

The Pacific Fleet of the US Navy announced Friday that its amphibious transport ship USS Portland (LPD 27) successfully shot down a drone with a laser weapon in the Pacific Ocean, during the first test at sea of ​​the Navy’s high-energy laser weapon system.

The test took place on May 16 while the USS Portland operated in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

“By conducting advanced sea trials against drones and small vessels, we will get valuable information on the capabilities of the Solid State Laser Weapons System Demonstrator against potential threats, “said USS Portland Commander Capt. Karrey Sanders.

The Pacific Fleet stated that the weapons system is developing due to the “increasing number of threats”, which include unmanned aerial vehicles, small armed vessels, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems for adversaries.

“East [demostrador] it is a unique capability that the USS Portland can test and operate for the Navy, paving the way for future weapons systems, “said Sanders.

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