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Specialists stressed that the phenomenon, sighted in Australia, was not something unusual: it can be seen “three or four times a year”.

Residents of the Australian state of Victoria watched a ‘light show’ in the sky Friday night. In several videos, published on social networks, you can see how a ‘fireball’ is falling towards Earth.

According to Tim Wiebusch, head of the Victoria Emergency Service, this object was “just space debris re-entering the atmosphere” and said “there is nothing to fear.”

“Which reveals that it is space junk [en lugar de un meteorito o un cometa] is that it has entered a very shallow angle, which means it was in a very low Earth orbit and just re-entered the atmosphere and started burning due to friction, “said the vice president of the state Astronomical Society, Perry Vlahos , reports The Age.

He also stressed that this incident was not unusual: “We probably see space debris three or four times a year.”