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The New York mayor announced that the curfew will run from tonight until Tuesday.

Large crowds came out to protest on the night of this June 1 through the streets of New York City, despite a curfew, and many people staged heavy looting, amid a wave of demonstrations that shake America after the death at the hands of an African American policeman George Floyd.

Images were shown on social networks showing how hundreds of people they broke the windows of numerous stores in various districts of the city, mostly in Manhattan, to then loot them. The clashes between law enforcement and participants in the protests were also recorded.

In this context, the mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, announced through his Twitter account that the already ruled curfew will last until Tuesday.

“These protests have power and meaning. But as the night progresses, we are seeing certain groups using them to incite violence and destroy property,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, authorities in Washington deployed a Blackhawk military helicopter in an attempt to disperse protesters. The device was seen at an altitude of a few meters above the participants of the protests.