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Madrid, June 3 . .- The Women’s Link Worldwide organization has sent an urgent communication to different UN organizations reporting on the human rights violations suffered by Moroccan seasonal workers and other migrants who work in the strawberry picking and red fruits in Huelva.

The NGO has called on the UN special rapporteurs on migrants’ rights, on violence against women and poverty, among other organizations, “to act quickly, as the current context of a pandemic aggravates the existing situation and favors the emergence of new rights violations. “

In their communication, Women’s Link and seven other NGOs that support the initiative warn that Moroccan temporary workers working in that province “may be exposed to new forms of exploitation due to the lack of labor due to the closure of borders, as well as to greater impunity in cases of violence, especially sexual violence, due to the greater difficulties in accessing healthcare and justice. “

“The working conditions (without safety distance, gloves or masks) and in the homes of some farms (construction containers, without ventilation, with remote toilets and without drinking water) may favor the spread of COVID-19”, Add.

The oenegé indicates that this situation is also applicable to migrant people who survive in informal settlements in the province without access to basic services such as water or sanitation, as local organizations have warned.

In their letter, they request these United Nations agencies to issue a joint statement addressed to the competent authorities in Spain and Morocco and to the companies involved demanding that they protect the health and rights of migrant workers.

They also demand that these measures have a gender perspective, since strawberry picking is a highly feminized sector, and that they are sustainable over time, regardless of the duration of the context caused by COVID-19.