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The Kun Aguero It is becoming a phenomenon of video games and Twich during confinement. The Argentine is demonstrating level and has done a gap between the most famous gamers. This weekend he starred in an anecdote with his friend and teammate Leo Messi.

While Kun was live in Twich, he received a call from the Barça captain: “What happened to you that you wrote to me today at 9 in the morning?” Messi asked him.

“I had to take the test”Agüero replied. “But why did you write to me … Then you didn’t give me any more balls”, the Barça player insisted. “And, what do I know, it was to say good morning“said the City player with a laugh.

Agüero and Messi have had a close friendship for years and their good vibes were evident during the conversation: “It’s just that I saw you on the phone and I told you‘ Hey boy, what’s up ’… I was bored and well, it was 9 in the morning and I said I will write … I know. You also take a band to answer ”, added Kun to Messi’s laughter.

Also, both regretted that they could not spend Agüero’s birthday together, which is next June 2 and they laughed at the trolley that the City receives daily in Twich when asked to send greetings to fake names like “Rosa Melano”.

“I didn’t fall anymore, but at some point they are going to figure out something else,” he lamented, laughing.