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The confinement by the coronavirus has led to a boom in telemedicine, that is, the diagnosis and remote treatment by doctors without the need to see patients in person. But in some areas of the United States, what has exploded is a very peculiar feature: tele-abortion.

Tele-abortion consists of prescribe pills to abort women who contact the health system by phone. Medical abortion through medicine is prohibited in 18 states, but not in others like Oregon.

There, the gynecologist Maureen Baldwin He affirms, in statements to the BBC, that in the last two months the request for tele-abortions.

Elizabeth Raymond, spokeswoman for the Gyunity health organization, states that “compared to the months of January and February, in March and April the number of women has doubled they aborted through the program. ”

Not only in some areas of the United States, tele-abortion is allowed. Also in Canada, Australia or Colombia available.

Despite the Republican Party wanting to ban it, Dr. Baldwin has been practicing tele-abortions for years. Your patients they are usually military women, women who live far from clinics or patients who cannot leave their young children alone.

Patients receive the medications by mail once they have shown that they are less than 10 weeks pregnant by ultrasound, which they refer to the doctor. So, the woman receives a kit with the two main abortifacient substances, mifepristone and misoprostol.

It so happens that the first of the drugs can only be administered in specific medical spaces, but Gynuity circumvents the law by making shipments in the framework of a medical investigation that is supported by the federal government. Patients just have to accept collaborate in the study.

As for the price, it ranges between 200 and 750 dollars, that is, between 183 and 688 euros.