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The mayor of Vigo and president of the FEMP, the socialist Abel Caballero, has expressed this Friday its rejection to the pact of PSOE and Unidas Podemos with EH Bildu for the repeal of the labor reform, announced by the ‘abertzale’ training half an hour after the authorization of the extension of the state of alarm and qualified by those of Pedro Sánchez a little later.

Asked about it at his daily telematic press conference, Caballero, who is a member of the federal executive of the PSOE, has been blunt: “Me with Bildu, or good morning”.

You have indicated that you express your opinion in his capacity as mayor of Vigo, “not like PSOE”.

And he has also said that “it is not worth” that “when Bildu votes with the PSOE it is very bad”, and when it coincides with the PP “be very good”, reasoning that he already used before Sánchez did not carry out his investiture after the general elections in April 2019, when the Basque formation chose to abstain.