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Famous, winner Operation Triumph 2018, charged against Vox on social media after a message published by the training led by Santiago Abascal in which publicly supported Trump in the wake of anti-racism protests that are taking place in the United States due to the death of George Floyd.

Our support for Trump and the Americans who are seeing their Nation attacked by street terrorists covered by progressive millionaires“Vox wrote, along with the image of protesters outside the White House and the hashtag #SpainSupportsTrump (# EspañaApoyaATrump)”, published the political formation of Abascal.

A tweet that raised blisters among Twitter users, who charged against far-right formation. Among them was Famous, the young Sevillian artist. “What disgust you give meYou can’t be more asshole in this fucking life, uncle #SpainDoesNotSupportTrump (# EspañaNoApoyaATrump) “, was his response.

After his victory in the musical talent of La 1, Famous released Bulla, a song that, according to the singer, is “a tribute” to his “African roots”.

Another artist who emerged from the OT facoría, the singer Luis Cepeda, has also responded to a tweet by Santiago Abascal in which he criticizes the Vital Minimum Income, the financial aid for the most vulnerable families that will serve to complement the income that enters these households until they reach a minimum threshold. “The minimum vital income can be charged by all those who have been residing in Spain for 1 year. Stop fucking fooling the Spanish people with your covert racism. People who come in patera do not want to invade, piece of ignorant, they want to live,” Galician answered.