Sports events can resume in Britain starting Monday, with no spectators at the venues where they take place and as long as the organizers comply with government protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The British government issued the parameters to be followed by elite sports organizations, as part of a relaxation in the social restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These measures pave the way for the resumption of the Premier League, the national soccer competition that generates the most wealth in the world. That return is scheduled for June 17.

The parameters include a request to maintain social distancing in matches “during any dispute between the players and referees, or in the celebration of goals.”

Horse racing and billiard tournaments are already scheduled for Monday, when an 11-week ban on the sport ends.

“The wait is over,” said Culture Minister Oliver Dowden. “Live broadcasts of British sport will soon return, from carefully controlled and safe environments.”

Athletes and employees will have to travel individually to the venues of the events, in private transport, when possible. It will be mandatory to check all participants before admission, to detect any possible symptoms of coronavirus.

When social distancing — at least two meters or six feet — cannot be maintained, the risks of certain activities should be evaluated and mitigated. Press workers have been asked to avoid intersecting at headquarters with other people, including athletes.

“These parameters provide the safe framework for the sport to resume closed-door competitions,” said Dowden. “Now it is up to individual sports to confirm that they can comply with these protocols and to decide when the resumption of each one is safe.

“It is a significant moment for British sport. By working with medical experts every step of the way, we are creating the safest environments that can be created for everyone involved. ”

The first major event after the restart would be the 2,000 Guineas horse race, scheduled for next Saturday at Newmarket. Jockeys will wear face masks.

However, the government is not prepared to allow activity to resume in sports that are not considered elite. Thus, ordinary citizens have been denied the opportunity to practice cricket or soccer in a park.

“We are working hard so that the massive sport returns and is also carried out safely, so that people can get together with their colleagues from their soccer, rugby or cricket teams and return to their fields, fields or tracks,” explained the Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston. “But we will only do this when it is safe and appropriate, based on scientific advice.”

From Monday, the government will however allow groups of six people and different homes to exercise outdoors, as long as they keep a distance of at least two meters from each other. currently, only two people from different dwellings can concentrate in the same space.