Like many video games, Call of duty One of the most successful gaming franchises, both in console and mobile version, had a great rebound in the first quarter of the year as a consequence of the change in habits of many people who were more free time and forced to be home because of of confinement.

With this level of acceptance, it seemed the ideal moment for the premiere of season 7, scheduled for months for the first week of June this year. However, the creative company has announced the cancellation of this event since it does not consider it opportune taking into account the protests in the United States that condemn violence against Afro-Americans.

For now we will not have a Call of Duty Mobile update

Season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile was slated to launch this week, but Activision has delayed this as much as Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 4. It made the announcement on Twitter.

“While we all look forward to playing the new seasons of Modern Warfare, Warzone and Call Of Duty: Mobile, now is not the time.”

“We are moving the releases of Modern Warfare Season 4 and Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 7 to later dates.”

While the company says it wants “those who stand for equality, justice and change to be seen and heard,” implying that the launch would be a distraction. It is also true that given the violent context of the game can be seen as insensitive within the current scenario, where violent acts and vandalism have spread in several cities in the United States, affecting stores of all kinds, including several Apple Stores.

Activision’s decision could have a side effect for future industry events. The coronavirus pandemic has already led to the cancellation of many gaming events in favor of digital events, but if discontent continues in the United States and around the world, Organizers can choose to further delay their events.