When a car crash, the first thing to do is call the insurance company to send a adjuster take charge of the situation. However, when we hire a Car insurance, there is a policy It covers everything that is covered and what is not, but we do not always read the information about what the client can expect from the adjuster that represents the insurer. Read Insurance: how much does it cost to get sick from coronavirus?

Therefore, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF), provides these guidelines on what an insurance adjuster MUST and MUST NOT do. Read ten tips to save water in your home

What an adjuster should and should not do. Photo: Pixabay

Five things an insurance adjuster DOES do

When an accident occurs, it must be presented with the driver or insured exhibiting the current ID issued by the National Commission of Insurance and Bonds, which accredits it for the activities that are carried out.
 Ask about the physical condition of those involved and if necessary, request care and medical transfer to those affected.
 Give the insured a brochure and / or written information about their basic rights.
 Issue technical opinions to establish whether the insured is responsible or not; what are the causes of the damage, what is the amount of the loss and what is the compensable amount.
 Provide support to the insured to obtain legal service if required.

Six things an insurance adjuster should NOT do

Accept some kind of gift or financial benefits. Neither the insured, nor a third person, in exchange for performing their functions.
 Carry out your activities as an adjuster if you have drunk alcohol or been high.
 Reveal personal information of the insured and / or third parties, nor of any accident, to people who are not related to the insurer.
 Modify or alter documents or data that may affect the insurance company, the claimant and / or the insured.
 Deny any medical, evaluation or crane pass that is part of the benefits of the contracted policy.
 Carry out an accident adjustment if you are related to one of those involved.

Finally, we remind you of the importance of reviewing your insurance policy, whatever the product you have contracted. If you have any questions, you can contact Condusef at the Contact Center for Telephone Assistance and Remote Media, 55 53 400 999, or go to the office of the entity where you live.


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