Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology is under the magnifying glass of China. The Asian giant’s company sold its rapid tests to Spain and, according to the country’s authorities, they turned out to be defective. The first revelations collected by the Efe agency point out that the company did not have a Chinese license but did have European approval.

The investigation is ongoing and those of Xi Jinping have ensured that their country “will not tolerate any practice” that it leaves the authorized criteria.

Spain carried out the purchase through a national supplier. The total order amounted to 640,000 rapid tests. Of these, 58,000 arrived in Spanish territory last week and were verified by the competent authorities before establishing their defective nature.

“The manufacturer in China has assumed the return and will replace them with a new test model,” said then the Spanish Minister of Health, Salvador Illa. And he did it after confirming that the tests “they did not pass the quality controls” after several laboratories detected that they were not working properly.


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