The US measures to end some of Hong Kong’s trade privileges “seriously interfere” with China’s internal affairs and are “doomed to failure,” the daily spokesman for the ruling Chinese Communist Party said on Saturday.

In an editorial, the People’s Daily newspaper responded to the announcement by United States President Donald Trump after the Chinese ceremonial parliament bypassed the Hong Kong legislature on Thursday to pass a law that could limit freedom of expression and opposition. politics in the Chinese semi-autonomous territory.

It was the “firm determination of the entire Chinese people” to oppose interference by outside forces in Hong Kong affairs, the newspaper said.

“This hegemonic act of trying to interfere in Hong Kong affairs and seriously interfering in China’s internal affairs will not frighten the Chinese people and is doomed to failure,” he added. Attempts to “compel China to make concessions in vital interests including sovereignty and security through blackmail or coercion … can only be illusions or daydreams!”.

China has threatened to retaliate for the US initiative to cancel the trade advantages granted to Hong Kong after Britain passed control of its former colony to Beijing in 1997.

Tensions over Hong Kong have escalated in the past year as China cracked down on the protests and tightened its grip on Asia’s main financial center.

Critics say Thursday’s vote in China’s National People’s Congress to impose a security law on the city de facto violates Beijing’s promise to maintain independent civil, legal and economic institutions, within the “one country, two systems” model. “

Trump said his government will begin eliminating the “full range” of deals that gave Hong Kong a different relationship with the country than it does on the mainland, which includes exemptions from controls on certain exports. “China has replaced the promised formula of” one country, two systems “with” one country, one system, “” said the president.


The Associated Press journalist Zen Soo in Hong Kong contributed to this report.