The singer shares a revealing video on Instagram Chiquis Rivera breaks out due to George Floyd’s crime “I see you, I understand you … and I will speak for you,” she said.

After the unfortunate events that occurred a few days ago in which George Floyd lost his life, after a police officer put his knee on his neck until he was unconscious, singer Chiquis Rivera broke out for this crime and shared a revealing video.

Through her official Instagram account, Jenni Rivera’s daughter expressed her point of view.

With more than 224 thousand reproductions so far, and with the title “I see you, I understand you … and I will speak for you”, Chiquis Rivera dedicates his message to the memory of George Floyd.

“As you know, this weekend I have been focused on my album, but it is very important for me to make this video because I am with the (movement) #BlackLivesMatter, and if you are too, you should be talking about this with your neighbors. , your cousins, your children, about what is happening in the world. “

“If you just ignore it, it’s because you don’t care, and really, it doesn’t matter what color your skin tone is, it doesn’t matter, but no human should be treated this way by the police, no matter what crime you have committed Chiquis Rivera commented with some annoyance.

“I am with black lives, I was raised in a community of blacks and Hispanics, and for me, seeing what is happening, as a human being, is not right. I believe in peaceful protests, I believe in movements, I believe in ‘Blackout day’, I believe in ‘July 7’, I have been part of that, I will support everything you do, because I believe in doing it in peace ” .

Jenni Rivera’s daughter continued with her message: “I understand that we are angry, but believe me, my responsibility is to talk about this and I will not hide out of fear, I believe in peaceful protests and marches and one day without black people, like a day without Mexicans before ”.

The singer emphasized that she is on the side of the human race in general, especially because of what is currently happening around the world:

“I am standing for you, absolutely, I just wanted to show my support. We need to stop this, it is not right, no one should be treated in this way, no one should die at the hands of an officer when you are on the ground, it is ridiculous, “the singer concluded, and then take a breath and close with a strong confession: “Sorry guys, I’m a little upset right now, but I support you.”

Among the celebrities who supported this message from Chiquis Rivera with a like are the singer Ana Bárbara and Ulises Lozano, a member of the Kinky group, as well as her grandmother, Mrs. Rosa Rivera, her aunt, Rosie Rivera, and her brother, Johnny Rivera .

The singer also included the hashtags #UnidosEstamos #DivididosCaemos #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd.

And after he unveiled his stance on the George Floyd crime and the protests that have erupted, his followers did not hesitate to express their views.