The revival of activities from this week for the construction industry is positive, but there is a lack of support from the Government to overcome the effects of the crisis, said Eduardo Leal, president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC ). Read: Maya Train starts despite criticism and legal remedies

“With this we do not end the economic problem, we started an opportunity for companies to begin to have some liquidity, to support their workers, but construction was already in a frank fall,” warned the national president of the organization. “

We don’t have the data yet, but in early May, a month ago, we already had problems with around 3,000 companies and 500,000 workers. “

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The injection of resources through public works and propitiate the conditions to trigger private investment are the main factors that are required from the Government, Ramírez Leal explained.

Even the highest concentration of Budget towards the southeast of the Country, with emblematic works such as the Dos Bocas refinery or the Maya Train, is an element that weighs heavily on builders in the rest of the states.

“If resources do not reach most of the country and it is only thought that the large projects that are in the south-southeast will reactivate the economy through construction (which is required) throughout the country, if they are concentrated only in the south, we are going to suffer the other states, “he said.

For the representative of about 12 thousand construction companies in the country, the lag in the approval of the protocols before the IMSS compared to other reactivated industries, such as the automotive industry, responds to the fact that due to the different works on the works, a manual had to be prepared specific to each case, which generated a greater number of processes to be approved.

The explanation (for delays) is that they were reviewing the information in detail and that the construction industry was more (manual), “he said in an interview.

“In the construction process you start to do a work with foundations, but when the finishes come, the details are other people, so you have to do permanent training.”

For this reason, companies will now be able to resume activities without receiving a response from the self-evaluations, however it is mandatory to have a record that proves that they have completed the process and to assume responsibility for complying with the protocols.

Ramírez noted that the IMSS estimate of the reactivation of some 10 thousand 200 construction companies for the start of this week represents between 30 and 50 percent of the works in the country, with no more than 50 percent of the workers who previously had in operation.

We are not sure, many are private, small works, where perhaps there are no more than 10 workers, “he said.

“In a work that had 20 started 10, you will have to go, gradually and moderately, complying with the protocol, bringing in people, which can take months to get people working that we had 10 weeks ago.”