President López Obrador ensured that the businessmen are helping to strengthen he Health sector in the face of a coronavirus contingency in the country with the donation of medical equipment and hospitals.

“A few days ago the company Coppel gave 50 million pesos for health, yesterday, the engineer Slim reported that he is going to deliver medical equipment for a billion pesos, and yesterday I received a letter from Germán Larrea delivering a hospital that built its foundation in Juchitán so that it is equipped, operated by the Army, used, if necessary, in the contingency, “he said in a morning conference.

“And later it is destined to be a specialty hospital for the benefit of the population of Juchitán, the towns and municipalities of the Isthmus, it is also a 60-bed hospital, yesterday it promised to deliver it in 10 days.”

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The President recognized the solidarity of the business sector and recalled that the most important thing is the family.

“All this is good because there is support and solidarity at the moment and I hope that this solidarity will continue to be expressed and manifested, the more resources we have, the more beds, the more equipment, the more specialists and doctors we will be safer,” he said.

Although yesterday I mentioned that the best thing of all is that we take care of ourselves and that we take into account that the most important institution is the family. “

He insisted on the importance of “daughters” being present in the care of older adults and the family in general, because “men are more detached.”

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