Through a statement, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) called citizens to check the status of their affairs with that agency through its website.

The agency indicated that such request is made in response to the recommendations made by the Ministry of Health, to contain the spread of Covid-19 in Mexico.

Condusef asks to consult your affairs online through Covid-19. | Pxhere

On the page you can check the status of your issue, by clicking or clicking on the section “Know the progress of your issue in Condusef” and give the following information:

State where the user registered their complaint (CONDUSEF User Service Unit).
 Mayor or Municipality that the user provided when filing their complaint with CONDUSEF.
 Last name. In case the user is a legal person: name of the company.
 Folio of the matter (number provided by the CONDUSEF User Service Unit when presenting their matter).

Among the things that you will be able to know, is if your complaint was accepted, the date of your hearing, as well as if it is still in the process of analysis by the Financial Institution, even if Condusef has already received a response from it.

They will also tell you if your complaint has already been received by the pair that prepares the opinions, or the progress of the matter in court.

“CONDUSEF invites all users to make use of its remote care channels that it has set up so that they do not have the need to move to our User Service Units,” the statement quoted.

For any additional questions or queries, contact CONDUSEF at the Call Center 55 53 400 999 or on Twitter: @CondusefMX, Facebook: / Condusefoficial and Youtube: CondusefOficial.



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