The Congress has rejected this Tuesday an initiative of the PP in which claimed to deduct in the IRPF, the Corporation and Equity Tax, any return derived from the rental housing When the tenant is between 18 and 30 years old, or is over 65 years old with only income from benefits or pensions of a minimum amount.

The initiative has been rejected in the Finance Committee of the Lower House by the PSOE and Unidas Podemos, while Vox, Junts and the PNV have decided to abstain. Only Cs has supported the initiative of the PP.

In his defense of the initiative, the ‘popular’ deputy Miguel Ángel Castellón has attributed “a large part of the problem” of access to housing to “a shortage of supply, and has asked for incentives and “opportunities” to encourage the rental of homes, rather than “punitive and coercive measures”.

Against this, the deputy of the PSOE Juan Cuatrecasas has defended the measures already adopted to facilitate the payment of rent and plans to expand the offer, while Laura López Domínguez, of Unidas Podemos, has criticized that this type of reduction in statements of taxes, without distinction, accentuates inequalities.

“Without taking into account the rent and the tranches, it does not seem appropriate“Ferrán Bel, from Junts, has abounded, supporting the need for fiscal incentives, but not of that scope and without differences.