Gustavo de Hoyos, president of Coparmex, stated that we must fight so that the phenomenon of unemployment does not increase further

The Confederation of Employers of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) affirmed that in view of the federation’s refusal to reach a National Agreement reactivation of the economy, will seek to coordinate with the state and municipal governments to go from local to national.

The president of Coparmex, Gustavo de Hoyos Walther, said the above when addressing in a virtual meeting the capital businessmen, about the importance of staying together and how employers union “By the hand of the workers”.

De Hoyos reiterated to Coparmex Mexico City that “it will continue to insist on staying united and not accepting the message of neo class struggle; together and responsibly push a revival of the economy, of course privileging the Health and boost the solidarity salary as a central vehicle to maintain job positions

He stressed in a statement that it is necessary to fight so that the phenomenon of unemployment does not increase further, which is calculated could reach one million 300 thousand lost jobs; “You have to push from the local to the national, to achieve the national agreement.”

The president of the Coparmex Mexico City, Jesus Padilla Zenteno, expressed that the circumstances of the businessmen in the capital have very specific characteristics, “a balanceor between the health and the economy of the homes; a balance between economic activity and the right to health, so that we can all pass this stage in a not so painful way ”.

There is nothing better social policy that a secure employment, that a well-paid job, and it seems that we do not realize that the best way to maintain employment is to take care of precisely the job sources

To achieve this, Gustavo de Hoyos said about it, exercises such as the Forum Together We Will Go Forward with a high social content in your vision. In addition, last week the activation was made “Government Break your Piggy Bank”, With the purpose of making a call to inject him, as other governments in the world have done, with economic resources for the preservation of employment.

And in this area, he observed lastly, “there is no doubt that we have to continue advancing in the new salary culture; It will not be easy in the coming months given the complexity of the economic agenda, but we must maintain this route to generate better wages. “

With information from Notimex