Through its daily afternoon report, the Ministry of Health reported this Monday, June 1, on 237 new deaths from Covid-19 in Mexico. With this data, 10,167 deaths are accumulated; and there are a total of 93 thousand 435 confirmed accumulated cases to date. Read AMLO: If regrowths occur, we will close again

Likewise, there are 16,303 confirmed active cases, that is, they are patients whose symptoms started in the last two weeks, and who can transmit the virus. Between yesterday’s cut Saturday and today’s Sunday 2,771 new cases were registered.

In addition, so far there are 38 thousand 497 accumulated suspects and 151 thousand 267 accumulated negatives. And 67,491 people who have recovered from the disease.

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In turn, the 6 entities in Mexico with the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases are: Mexico City (25,787 cases), Mexico State (15,102), Baja California (5,127), Tabasco (4 323), Veracruz (4 thousand 008) and Sinaloa (3 thousand 580).

To know the number of infections and deaths in your state or municipality from coronavirus, enter the Map of the Government of Mexico, there you can see the figures by age ranges, sex, and other aspects.

There is also the Johns Hopkins University map, where you will find the figures globally, for a comparison between countries.