Figures that scientists believe are undervalued.

Brazil crossed the 30,000 coronavirus death toll at 31,199 on Tuesday after recording a record number of deaths in the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health announced.

This country of 212 million inhabitants deplored an additional 1,262 deaths, the highest daily death toll since May 21 (1,188), which testifies to the continuation of the ascending phase of the pandemic.

Brazil, a country that alone accounts for more than half of the coronavirus cases and deaths in Latin America, has recorded a total of 555,383 confirmed cases of Covid-19, after a sharp increase of nearly 29,000 cases in the last 24 hours.

These figures, which the scientific community believes are grossly undervalued in a country with very few tests, place Brazil in 4th place in the world for the dead, behind the United States, the United Uni and Italy.

The two most affected Brazilian states are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the southeast.

Worrisome signal, São Paulo recorded its highest figures for both deaths and contaminations Tuesday in 24 hours since the appearance of the Covid-19, and now deplores 7,994 deaths and nearly 120,000 cases.

That of Rio de Janeiro, which also began Tuesday a deconfinement, deplores 5,686 dead from the pandemic and more than 56,000 cases of contamination.