The contagion curve of coronavirus in Mexico could last until August, warned Cristian Morales, representative of the World Health Organization in Mexico. Read what you should do if you or someone you love gets coronavirus

The specialist explained to the United Nations Information Center in Mexico (CINU Mexico) that in Spain and Italy the contagion curve has been longer than in China, where cases began to drop in about two and a half months.

The coronavirus spread curve in Mexico could last until August. Photo: Reforma

“In Mexico, what the authority is trying to do with the different measures being taken is that this curve, which is very, very, abrupt in a short time, is flatter over a longer period,” he said.

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“So, normally, if what is being done here in Mexico turns out, we are going to have an epidemic period probably much longer than two months, or two and a half months, or three months, but also with an expression of the cases and of serious cases slower over time, which will allow the health system to respond better. “

I think it is not a scientifically supported estimate, but I can think that we can easily be with this problem until at least July or August. “

Morales reiterated that there is no specific indicator on the ideal time to implement more aggressive restrictive measures, such as preventing 100 percent car traffic, but considered that time will inevitably come.

Concerning Covid-19 testing, he raised the need for all suspected cases to be analyzed with one test, as well as all contacts of those suspected cases.

“In Mexico, all the suspects are being covered, the 367 confirmed cases come from there, having received proof, and the thousand and many cases that have been tested and that have turned out negative also come from that search for contacts,” he assured. .


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