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The IMSS announced that 14 COVID-19 patients have been discharged from the Temporary Care Center COVID-19 annex General Hospital of Zone No. 24

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) disclosed that 14 patients from COVID-19 have been discharged from Temporary Attention Center COVID-19 Annex General Hospital of Zone No. 24, in the north of Mexico City.

The IMSS He assured that since the opening of the center, he has received 32 positive patients to COVID-19, of which 14 were already graduated after overcoming the symptoms of this disease.

Through a statement, the Institute released cases such as that of Gerardo, who with 40 years of age, started symptoms with stomach pain and diarrhea, but two days later cough, fever and headache were added. He came to the office, had a plaque taken, and doctors found that his oxygenation levels were low and saturated below 85 percent.

The patient appreciated the service he received from the IMSS doctors. “I feel good, they gave me good service, it was very difficult, but I’m already outside.”

He was admitted on May 21, two days after the COVID-19 and it came out positive. After 10 days, she had a good evolution, responded to treatment and was discharged with oxygen at her home, reported Dr. Cynthia Hernández Mil, an anesthesiologist and who is part of the team of specialists serving COVID-19 patients in the isolation area of ​​this Center.

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“I tell my colleagues to do their best, do not despair, that this will improve eventually and that in the end this is our vocation, our service line and here we are to be able to give the best that we have ”, expressed the specialist.

“Our greatest satisfaction is when relatives and the same patient They appreciate the attention of the staff who are in there giving the best they have to be able to support them and get them to go home and get ahead of this situation, ”he said.

Janet, Gerardo’s sister, indicated that the attention received “is good, my brother did very well and the report by video call has been concrete, well, and not to mention the staff who are out here, social work, medical assistants. There are already several patients at home from the same disease, I am responsible and have had many facilities with the social work guys to come to the report. I think everyone’s service is very good. ”

COVID-19 temporary unit

The Temporary Attention Center COVID-19 Annex General Hospital of Zone 24 in the North Subdelegation of the IMSS opened its doors on May 15.

This expansion hospital has with 281 health workers in all its categories and has, in total, 40 beds, triage area respiratory and a small warehouse of protective equipment.

It is a medical unit created to support the Family Medicine Units from the northern delegation of Mexico City.

In this unit, patients from COVID-19, from stable to those that require mechanical ventilation, that is, seriously ill.

The unit has a X-rays, x-rays of chestmonitoring vital signs electrocardiographic as well as making samples for diagnosis of COVID-19.

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