Coronavirus — Photo from Notimex / File

At least 70 Texas resident and citizen drivers who failed to comply with sanitary measures in Matamoros were returned by authorities

Authorities returned in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, to 70 resident drivers and citizens of Texas that they failed to comply with the sanitary measures implemented on the bridge that connects the United States with the Mexican municipality.

Through a statement, it was detailed that the majority of these people circulated in their cars without respecting the healthy distance, since complete families traveled and did not carry mouth covers.

It should be remembered that on Friday, the city of Matamoros indicated that these actions should be respected equally by residents and visitors of American nationality, with the aim of mitigating the contagions of coronavirus COVID-19.

When questioning visitors about the reason for their crossing to Mexican territory, they stated that they wanted to visit their relatives and make purchases, activities classified as non-essential.

In this sense, the director of State Traffic and Roads, Jorge Mora Solalinde, indicated that the motorists they understood the situation well contingency that occurs in Matamoros and the interest of the municipal government to safeguard the health of citizens.

With information from Notimex