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Alvise Pérez, who managed to display a large banner against the Government during the protests against Sánchez in Seville, has denounced the persecution of “two armed men” who took photos of him and followed him around Seville, as he explained on Twitter.

Alvise Pérez, that, according to what this newspaper has learned was inside the Plaza Nueva building (Seville) from which the large banner was displayed, he asks in his tweet to Marlaska if he could explain to him “why two armed men take photos of me and continue through Seville ».

Alvise did it again

This Thursday, Alvise has displayed from a building in Plaza Nueva, in Seville, a large banner that shows President Pedro Sánchez as the Big Brother of George Orwell’s Dystopia 1984, with the motto “A good Government obeys”. He has done so during the celebration of the fifth day of protests against Pedro Sánchez, which has brought together hundreds of people in the capital of Seville to ask for the resignation of the President of the Executive.

The fifth demonstration in Seville against the Government of Pedro Sánchez has been held this Thursday in the New Square, next to the Town Hall, a place where several hundred people have come to request the resignation of the Executive. By surprise, from the top of a building next to the square, the already famous Alvise poster has been displayed and multiple posters with the same image have been launched. In the background, mythical songs such as ‘Libre’ by Nino Bravo or ‘Que viva España’ by Manolo Escobar played.

The Police This time it has intervened in the demonstration, since some – few – of those present were without a mask, so the agents have prepared to ask them please to put them on. Otherwise, a very festive atmosphere that has lasted for more than an hour in the Plaza Nueva in Seville.