Coronavirus —

Singer Ana Bárbara and her family are going through a difficult time. This was announced in her Instagram stories where she said that an uncle has just been lost to Covid-19, which has affected more than 10 million people worldwide.

“Unfortunately and I am very sorry, an hour ago I learned that an uncle lost the battle against the coronavirus in Mazatlán, Sinaloa,” he announced. “I deeply embrace the family, the number of victims is truly regrettable,” said the interpreter.

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In Mexico alone until Tuesday, more than 224 thousand positive cases of coronavirus are reported, of which more than 27 thousand have lost their lives, including the singer’s uncle in this figure.

Ana Bárbara took the opportunity to remind all her followers that it is important that we do not trust each other. «It has happened to me, suddenly I want to take off my mask, I am tired, I am fed up… Let’s not do it! And if we can, to be in the house most of the time and if it is necessary to leave, to return and to have all the cares, I tell you with all my heart ”, he expressed.

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He added that if “you really have a very strong immune system and you do not have other diseases, then you can get rid of it”, but he recalled that the reality is that not everyone has the same luck, so it is best to take care of yourself.