Coronavirus — Photo from @DesdeLaFe

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, until the second half of June, 34 priests, five deacons and two nuns died from the disease

According to the fourth report of the Multimedia Catholic Center (CCM) on clergy and religious killed in Mexico from complications associated with COVID-19, until the second fortnight of June 2020, 34 priests, five deacons and two nuns died from the disease.

Until the third report of CCM on clerics and religious deceased from complications derived from COVID-19 as of June 15 there were 24 priests, four deacons and two nuns.

In this report the archdioceses of Morelia and Acapulco are accumulated in addition to the dioceses of Tlaxcala, Culiacán and Izcalli.

He CCM highlighted the first death in the clergy of Basilica of Guadalupe.

“In this period, the contagion of, at least, was known eight priests and workers in this important sanctuary of the country. It was known of the serious situation of a canon emeritus in frank struggle for his life against the COVID-19“Reported the CCM.

Photo of Centro Católico Multimedial

Finally the CCM requested those in charge, diocesan leaders and parishioners to have information about any case of priests, deacons or religious men and women affected by coronavirus, the Investigation Unit of the Multimedia Catholic Center.

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