Coronavirus —

With 210 million inhabitants, it is already the third country with the highest number of infected in the world, only preceded by the US and Russia.

Brazil reported a record number of 1,188 deaths in a single day, so the number of deaths has risen to 20,047 since the start of the pandemic, according to information from the EBC news agency.

In total, according to data from the country’s Ministry of Health, 310,087 people have been infected in Brazil, epicenter of the outbreak in Latin America. However, doctors and experts fear that the number of infections is much higher due to the small number of tests carried out.

With a contagion curve that continues to rise rapidly, Brazil, with 210 million inhabitants, is already the third country with the highest number of infected of the world, only preceded by the United States and Russia.

In the last day, another 18 thousand 508 infected have been registered, which means 6.3 percent increase regarding the data collected on Wednesday, when 291 thousand 579 infected people were counted.

The death toll – the sixth highest worldwide – has been duplicated in just 11 days, according to the Ministry of Health.

Despite the rapid advance of the virus, President Jair Bolsonaro again called for the lifting of restriction and confinement measures in order to reactivate the Brazilian economy.

However, most of the 27 states that make up the country are under harsh quarantine measures to stem the increase in cases. The state of Sao Paulo, the main economic and cultural point of the country, is the most affected by the pandemic, with about a quarter of all cases and deaths registered nationwide.

Total, Sao Paulo has confirmed 5 thousand 558 deceased, followed by Rio de Janeiro, with 3,412, Ceará, with 2,161, Pernambuco, with another 1,925 and Paraná, with 1,852 dead.

Bolsonaro and his government are now under heavy pressure on how to manage the situation, which could frustrate wishes for reelection. The president assured on Thursday that he would approve an aid package of about 60 billion reais (about 9.9 billion euros) for those states and cities hardest hit by the pandemic.

Likewise, asked governors to freeze public servants’ wages until 2021 to increase the government’s ability to save. For the President, said “sacrifice” will be of “extreme importance” to clean up the accounts of his administration and all the states. (Europa Press)