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This reopening would be without reopening the kitchens of the dining rooms. Therefore, unions like CC.OO. He has shown his rejection of these plans. This entity criticizes the Telepizza or Knee menus for children from disadvantaged families and defend that schoolchildren fly to their centers when they can open the kitchen stove.

CC.OO. has ensured that the order “by which the lifting of the temporary suspension from June 8 to 19 of the execution of contracts based on the framework agreement for the provision of school menus to non-university public educational centers in Madrid is agreed”, supposes for the sector of communities and its staff a new “confusion ceremony.”

«The consequences of this decision for the students and their families are also joined by the effects it will have on workers of the companies responsible for providing this catering service in educational centers and who, from June 1, will be forced to return to an activity that is not going to be provided, “they added.

In this line, they have denounced that the workers of the companies of collectivities now run the risk of suspending the contract prematurely, that is, on June 19 when the course officially ends. From June 1 and after the order issued by the Ministry of Education, companies will no longer receive the compensation that they had been receiving until now after the suspension of their contracts on March 11 with the stoppage of face-to-face educational activity, and that they had allowed part of their staff to guarantee their wages or part of them.

For CC.OO., the least bad scenario for these companies would be for their employees to be incorporated into an ERTE until the official completion of the school year, in such a way that “those 20 days of unemployment” are not loaded on their backs, especially those called “discontinuous fixed”.

Petition to the Government

After demanding specific protection for Discontinuous Fixed contracts, which are very widespread in the sector, the union has called on the State Executive to that guarantees unemployment protection for workers in a situation of ERTE, including discontinuous fixed contracts, through benefits and sufficient public aid, without any requirement of grace, and the replacement of benefits that could be consumed during the legal situation of temporary unemployment.

According to CC.OO., “the force majeure derived from the state of alarm, which has suspended productive activity, will persist specifically in this sector once this period decreed by the State is lifted«, And« the activity will take even longer to recover », for which reason it requests to extend the attendance of this force majeure while maintaining the current conditions, without prejudice to its extension if circumstances persist and after consulting the social partners.

Madrid insists

For its part, the Community of Madrid has once again asked the Government to allow schools to return to High school students so they can attend preparatory classes for the University Access Assessment (EvAU). The Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, in a letter addressed to the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has insisted that he attend to these specific aspects before entering Phase 2.

In terms of education, it has demanded the resumption of some face-to-face activities in the non-university educational field, “Always respecting the mandatory safety and hygiene measures”. «As I already told you at the time, from a pedagogical point of view, it is necessary that the face-to-face classes can be resumed as soon as possible for the students who are currently in the last year of any of the educational stages (…) particularly those in 2º of Bachillerato since, in the first days of July and after their final exams, they will face the tests for the access to the university », Ruiz Escudero explained to the minister.

Enrique Ossorio, Minister of Education of the Community of Madrid. (Photo. PP)

And it does so given that, from having to wait until access to Phase 2 so that Madrid can allow students of 2nd Baccalaureate to go to schools, “They would be deprived of the benefits and advantages that attending these classes would have in these students, since the end-of-course exams in the Community of Madrid will begin on June 10 and access to Phase 2 of this region will not take place before June 8 » .

On a voluntary basis

Similarly, “it is necessary” for the Minister of Health that, “as soon as possible, observing all the appropriate prevention and safety measures, those students who have had a special difficulty in distance studies, either due to lack of technological means or due to the concurrence of special learning needs ».

“In this case, it would be about developing tutoring and classes in small groups, previous appointment of the students or their families, in order to reduce the potential educational differences that may have arisen, “Escudero insisted on the line already stated by his counterpart in Education and Youth, Enrique Ossorio, who has precisely accused the team of Pedro Sánchez to “harm” Madrid with his refusal to allow these young people to return to classes in person.