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The mayor of Juan de Acosta arrested his son and one of his nephews after they both violated the curfew imposed by COVID-19

Carlos Higgins Villanueva, Mayor of Juan de Acosta, in Colombia, arrested his son and one of his nephews after both, in the company of other friends, raped the curfew tax in place as part of measures to prevent COVID-19 infections.

This after spread images of young people at a party, a situation strongly questioned by local residents as well as by users of social networks.

“Today, as the first authority of municipality police I drove to the police station my son, my nephew and a great friend, who were evidenced disrespecting the decreed norms, ”the president wrote in a Twitter thread, in which he showed the arrest.

The president explained that his relatives are the first calls to fulfill with the mandates of the authority and that would not allow the other population to be put at risk for a few drinks.

After the decision, the population applauded the measure and they congratulated him on his action.

Since the detainees were not blatantly insured, only an administrative sanction and an act of commitment were imposed on them. In addition they were imposed community work, revealed the president.

With information from Pulzo and Caracol News