Coronavirus —

The Hospital de La Paz in Madrid has registered a possible case of a pregnant woman who has transmitted the COVID-19 infection to her baby, as indicated by Adelina Pellicer, head of the Neonatal Unit of the center. Although according to EFE, hospital sources indicate that although “everything points” that this is a case of transmission intrauterine vertical, “It has not yet been proven.”

Vertical transmission is the contagion of a mother-to-child infection during pregnancy, pact or lactation. In the vast majority of cases is due to close contact between the two after birth of the baby. This type of transfer is being studied, and so far only a small number of suspected cases have been reported.

So from the hospital they have not expanded the information until they have more reliable data so as not to generate alarm among a population as sensitive as pregnant women. According to Pellicer, during the pandemic Several cases of the disease in newborns have been registered in La Paz through environmental contact.

Test in the placenta

In order to relate the origin of the contagion, a placental test has had to be done, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord blood, or nasopharyngeal and / or oropharyngeal swabs through a PCR performed after birth.

During these months, In La Paz, PCR has been performed on all children born to mothers who had tested positive for COVID-19. or that they were under investigation: “Until it was confirmed if the newborn was positive or not, we had them in a specific area to avoid contact with other babies of negative or non-sick mothers, “said Pellicer

Greater control

At present, all mothers who give birth undergo a screening test to confirm if they are infected or not. Because of that, the percentage of positives has decreased significantly in recent days.