Coronavirus —

One of the advantages that phase 2 of de-escalation will bring will be the relaxation of the rules for the use of private vehicles. The possibilities will be expanded both in the places where you can go and in the number of people who can travel in the same vehicle.

Among the destinations allowed for the displacements will be shopping centers, retail stores, markets, bars and restaurants, places of worship, wakes, weddings, beaches, swimming pools, reunions with family and friends, shows, hotels or second homes, since all that will be operational already at that stage. Yes, all assuming that the destination is within the same province, since interprovincial movements will continue to be prohibited until the arrival of phase 3.


As for the people allowed in each car, van, etc., the regulations in this regard say that “in private and private private transport complementary of people in vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver, may travel as many people as seats have the vehicle, provided they all reside at the same address. In this case, the use of a mask will not be necessary. ” When not all occupants reside together “two people can move for each row of seats, provided that they wear a mask and respect the maximum possible distance between the occupants. “


As for two-wheeled vehicles, in category L motorcycles in general, which are provided with two approved seats (driver and passenger), two people can travel provided they either wear a full face helmet with a visor, or wear a mask or reside at the same address. The use of gloves will be compulsory for the passenger and the driver in the case of shared use motorcycles and mopeds. For these purposes, motorcycle protection gloves will be accepted.