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The world’s coronavirus data today, June 3

The number of cases of Coronavirus infections already exceeds 6,380,000 worldwide.

United States It is the country that is most infected, while protests continue on the streets of its cities following the death of George Floyd, an African-American man in Minneapolis. In total, the number of confirmed infections has now exceeded 1,831,000 and the number of deaths exceeds 106,000 in it.

After this, the countries with more infections confirmed cases are Brazil and Russia, where the virus has expanded greatly in recent weeks and has already affected more than 555,000 and 423,000 people respectively, data that continues to increase daily in thousands, with death figures of more than 31,200 in the American country and more than 5,000 in Europe.

United Kingdom It is the fourth country with the most infections by COVID-19, with more than 279,000 cases and stands out for being the second in deceased with more than 39,400. In fifth place would come Spain, with almost 240,000 cases and more than 27,000 deaths, whose rate of infection and deaths has been decreasing in recent weeks.