Coronavirus —

The pandemic already leaves Spain with a total of 39,276 dead by coronavirus. In the last hours there have been 48 deaths due to this disease, according to data published by the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

The Ministry of Health reports this Saturday of a cumulative of 28,678 deaths, however that figure excludes the excess mortality related to Covid-19 that is made official by the Community of Madrid and Catalonia. The Madrid Executive has computed 14,417 deceased since the beginning of the epidemic, including here those who died with coronavirus symptoms but without undergoing a diagnostic test, as reported by funeral homes. While Catalonia has raised the number of these deaths to 11,800. In contrast, the Sánchez Government only recognizes 8,956 and 6663 deaths from Covid-19, respectively.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health has notified a total of 235,290 infections confirmed by PCR since the beginning of this series, of which 361 has been registered in the last 24 hours.

This Saturday, the technical spokesperson for Health and director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES) has not appeared before the media as it has been doing for weeks. Fernando Simón, since Moncloa has communicated that its public presence to analyze the data and evolution of the pandemic will be from now on from Monday to Friday

This change – reported by the Secretary of State for Communication through a note to the media – took place just one day after the controversy over the data on the deaths offered by Catalonia. Simón himself spoke this Friday of an “inconsistency” in the information transferred by this community. Catalonia reported 635 more deaths to the Ministry of Health, a fact for which all opposition parties and the Executive itself have already requested explanations from the Catalan Government. The Generalitat has clarified that these 635 already were “included” in their official records.

This Saturday, the Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Alba Vergés, responded to Simón that “who knows what happens in Catalonia is us” and stressed that the Catalan Government has made “an enormous effort to have all the information” on cases of coronavirus, in addition to giving and publishing it every day since weeks ago.

“The data we have. It is we who have the capacity to make these decisions, to make proposals for lack of clarity, to analyze the indicators, to propose what we believe to be the best »and to offer these figures to the public, he assured after Simón said that the Generalitat had notified a significant number of “old” deceased and not located on the corresponding day.