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As of May 31, 20 thousand 217 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in health workers in Mexico and 271 deaths

As far as the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico, 20 thousand 217 health workers they have been infected and 271 have died.

José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology, explained that until May 31, 47 thousand 711 cases have been ruled out, while 10 thousand 082 remain as suspects.

Most of the cases have been registered in Mexico City, followed by the State of Mexico, Baja California, Tabasco, Sinaloa and Veracruz.

COVID-19 cases in health personnel. Picture of Secretary of Health

Of the accumulated cases of coronavirus in personal sanitary, 42 percent has been presented in nurses and 32 percent in medical.

Likewise, 18.6 percent present as comorbidity the obesity and 12.2 percent hypertension. The diabetes, smoking and asthma they are other pre-existing diseases in patients.

Another relevant fact is that 90.49 percent of sick health workers have recovered at home, while 4.25 percent were hospitalized in a stable condition; 4.65 percent was admitted in severe condition and only 0.6 percent required intubation.

Comorbidities of health personnel with coronavirus. Picture of Secretary of Health

As for the deceased, 271 they have been confirmed by COVID-19 while 10 others remain as suspects.

Mexico City accumulates more deaths, followed by the State of Mexico, Tabasco, Veracruz and Puebla.

The Federal Government Health Secretariat was the agency that confirmed the highest number of deaths, which does not mean that it was the workplace of the victims. The IMSS was the second, the ISSSTE the third and Pemex the fourth.

Deaths of health personnel confirmed by institution. Picture of Secretary of Health

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