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Relatives of a 51-year-old man with the initials AASS and who they claim died from Covid-19 denounced the Baptist hospital for confusing his body and trying to deliver another one, so they refused to receive it and suspended the funeral that was planned for the morning of this Friday in the cemetery La Puerta del Cielo, known as the Miracle of God.

Claudia López, cousin of the deceased, assured that his relative suffered from diabetes and hypertension, died on Thursday and it was until this Friday morning that they would hand him over but “today (Friday) it was his turn to remove the body, it was not him someone else’s.

«As a family we asked to see it even if it was long but they told us no, that the box was sealed and that it was not the one we were going to carry. We asked the boys at the funeral home if they had seen him and gave us the characteristics of a person who is not him, it seems that they gave him yesterday (Thursday) to another family. We asked the hospital and they told us that if we wanted to, it was the sealed box and if not, no, and they didn’t show their faces, nobody wanted to leave, “López said.

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Given this indication, LA PRENSA sought authorities from the hospital center to have their version and it was the epidemiologist Jorge Navarrete who explained that the body had never left the morgue room at any time and stated that his complaint is because they will not allow the coffin. “They want us to open the coffin and the coffin does not open, that is outside the protocol … we cannot expose the staff to contamination,” he argued.

Causes of death

Relatives told this media outlet that his relative was hospitalized at the Baptist for nine days and that as his health declined as the days passed, he had to intubate. Also that despite appearing on the death certificate that the causes of his death were due to acute respiratory failure, typical severe pneumonia and diabetes, he really died of Covid-19 because on two occasions he was tested and both tested positive.

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This is the death certificate received by the next of kin of the initials A.A.S.S. LAPRENSA / COURTESY

Police close the doors

Another family source stated that when they were not treated by any hospital authority, when they waited all day, they went to the District One police station, located on the Road Hook, but were told that they are not in charge of this type of complaints “that are not authorized”, that should be done before the authorities of the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

When several family members raised their voices due to the disappearance of the body, according to the account of one of them, it was that they later informed one of the employees of the hired funeral home that they had found him, but the doubts were already in them and for that reason they demanded that at least they take a photograph to verify that it is him. “They were telling me to sign a document that was it, without first making sure.”