Coronavirus —

The Governor of Guerrero, Héctor Astudillo, explained that he will maintain the decision to close the beaches to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The pandemic of COVID-19 in the country forced the closure of shops and industries, but also of tourist centers and Beaches how Acapulco and all of the Guerrero coast.

About, Héctor Astudillo, Governor of Guerrero, spoke in the space of Radio Formula by Joaquín López-Dóriga.

It was a decision that you do not think we thought about much, I always had the idea that opening them would present us with an immediate risk of contagions arriving.

We decided to keep them as they are and only one of them has had new infections of 12, we have 10 that remain. So I think it was a good decision and we are still very aware of this back to school, but of course, the issue, first is health and the other is commerce, tourism that are linked.

An unprecedented situation is happening because, in the unfortunate circumstances that the state has experienced, call yourself Paulina, call yourself Manuel, indeed, there were people who unfortunately died, but the economy was not closed.

Today we have completed almost two months with the beaches closed and with tourism in depth and I understand perfectly that there is concern, despair because those who have a business, who sell tacos, seafood, ceviche and the same who sell around the markets, not only in Acapulco, but in Chilpancingo, Iguala, Taxco and throughout the state, but without a doubt, the tourism factor, which has been one of the most affected, since it does have a notable impact.

A few days ago we spoke with the Secretary of Tourism through a videoconference that was held, I said it, tourism will have to have all the support and support, not out of political vision, but out of necessity. There, many governments will have to collaborate to lift all this that is tourism and that, surely, will require a lot of help because here there is a lot of employment that is generated and a lot of economic movement that occurs. ”

Astudillo explained that they are preparing for a relaunch, but that it will not be soon, because he prefers to be prudent and avoid contagions.

We will have to relaunch, we must prepare.

The concern is that one thinks that one will be able to open while we are on this traffic light route, I think, I must admit it and assume my responsibility, that we are not in a position to open in the next few days because the line is going up, it is not being doubling, the famous curve, then let’s continue like this.

We are going to continue at a red light and if we open with a red light after a while the contagion comes, which I think has already been achieved a lot in that the beaches were not open at Easter, but at this time, I think it is a very delicate moment From here, I calculate that on June 5, the construction will return on June 1, the mining that we have in Guerrero will return, but I think that the other thing we do have to do is work of greater depth and awareness among the guerrerenses ”.

Back to school

About the resumption of classes in the state, he assured that it will not be June 1.

Definitely not, and I think that on June 1 there are no conditions to return, in Guerrero in any municipality and I would dare to say, responsibly, that throughout the country it is a matter of health, it is a matter of prudence and protection to the children and adolescents themselves who go to school.

I think that, before returning to the classrooms, they have to carry out a cleaning and sanitization that allows them to have a hygiene where they will sit, and I think that all of this has to be armed and the governors also collaborate. ”

He explained that the recovery will be slow and gradual and he recognized the people of Guerrero.

I think that the recovery will be slow, you have to think that it will not be in a month or two, or even three, I think it will be gradual, but it is very important, obviously, we all want it to restart now reopening.

I, by myself, would open tomorrow and I understand the despair of those who live from tourist activity. The truth deserves a recognition my countrymen Guerrero because they have supported with great determination and firmness this situation.

In Guerrero it has not been possible to tame the curve and I do not think that it will be achieved in the next five, six or seven days, but we are going to have more time to do this. ”

He assured that the disease is so new that nothing is known about it and that it will leave great experiences for everyone.

Keep in mind that this is something that is unexpected, this was not planned, any circumstance, any statement can not be accurate at the end of the day, in addition to a health issue, it is a scientific issue but scientists also have their mistakes . What I believe is that neither the spokesperson himself or the undersecretary who gives the data and who follows up on this matter, could have the data accurately, especially as the number of infections and deaths increases, what I think is that This pandemic is going to leave very important experiences for all of us and what I have said is that this pandemic is making everyone lose, it is making the country, the citizens lose, it is reaching everywhere and, of course, the poorer are the most affected. “

The president took the opportunity to ask the deputies to reflect on the decision to eliminate the Fonden.

I take this opportunity to say that, precisely, this issue of the Fonden, this idea of ​​withdrawing the Fonden, which is very important, I just want to remember that Acapulco and many places that have had misfortunes, due to natural phenomena, have resolved the roads, the systems of water, drains, schools and all this with Fonden resources. I think that this issue, it seems to me that in this route we are on there are a lot of ideas, and I think that someone has to put a purifier of the amount of ideas to have quality ideas and proposals like this matter of putting to the Inegi and to eliminate the Fonden, with all due respect, to the deputies I make a respectful and attentive call to reflect correctly.

Hopefully they do it because the country is located in a geographical position that, historically, registers hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes. In other words, the Fonden was not born with a taste for dedication or for the money to be stolen, no, the Fonden was born due to a natural circumstance in the country so, due to the natural reasoning of the deputies, the National Disaster Fund must be maintained.

Sooner or later it is a money that must be placed socially and find how to fix things. That will be seen when an earthquake strikes, a great rain will show that nobody is exempt. “

Finally, he explained that when everything ends, things will return to normal and assured that he expects everyone in Warrior.

I am confident that we are doing very well on the rebound, we will wait for you here when this happens ”.