Coronavirus —

In the last 48 hours, the authorities of the entity’s Secretary of Health have reported five deaths of health personnel.

By Estrella Pedroza

In less than 20 days have died feel health workers infected with Covid-19 in Morelos; the most recent cases are doctors Eloisa and Ángel, who provided their services in the Hospital System of the southern region of the entity.

Gil Magadán Salazar, general secretary of section 29 of the Union of Health Services in Morelos (SSM), confirmed these two deaths from the spread of the new coronavirus.

In the last 48 hours, the authorities of the Ministry of Health have reported five staff deaths from jurisdiction number 2 of the Morelos Health Services (SSM), including Eloisa and Ángel.

Eloisa was in administrative functions of jurisdiction number two (headquarters of health centers) and she provided her services as a doctor in “Similar Pharmacies”.

Ángel worked in the same instance giving consultations, but due to ailments he faced, he had been in confinement for a month and a half.

A day earlier, it was known of the death by contagion of coronavirus from nurse Elvia, originally from the indigenous community of Xoxocotla, who He provided his services at the General Hospital “Dr. Ernesto Meana San Román ”.

Nurse Elvia was working right there; however, she withdrew from the hospital a few weeks ago as she was considered a high-risk person for some conditions she had.

The secretary general of section 29 of the SSM Union, explained that last week another nurse died, it is Petra, who was the director of the General Hospital “Dr. Ernesto Meana San Román ”, who had already retired.

To these cases are added the death of the emergency physician Fabián (occurred on May 6) and nurse Mónica (May 10), both workers of the Regional Hospital number one of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the two performed on the front line against the Covid-19.

The union leader noted that what is striking is that the largest number of cases of contagion deaths among hospital staff, is present in the southern region of the entity.

And he specified that this phenomenon could be linked to the fact that in that area, due to the high temperature registered, the population refuses to take measures such as the proper use of the mouth mask and oppose taking healthy distance.

He assured that just in the eastern region important foci of infection have already been detected where by uses and customs refuses sanitation and controlled burial, as is the case of Xoxocotla.

According to official information offered by the Health Secretary, Marco Antonio Cantú Cuevas, at conference number 48 where the advance of the pandemic in Morelos is reported, until this Saturday of the 1,194 cases confirmed by coronavirus in the entity, 168 correspond to health personnel: doctors, 66; nursing, 71; other workers, 27; laboratory workers, 2; dentists and medical students, 1, which represents almost 10 percent.