In the face of a health contingency, the IMSS authorized a special permit so that its insured persons can electronically process a disability due to Covid-19, with an economic subsidy of 60 percent of salary. Read Entrepreneurs propose subsistence wages, how much is it?

To whom are infected with coronavirus due to their work activity, the institution classifies it as a work sickness and the law will apply, which is full salary.

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Mauricio Hernández, director of Economic and Social Benefits of the IMSS, explained that workers who present symptoms would not have to go to the doctor to access this disability.

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“The idea of ​​this is to facilitate the process of disability. What does it mean to facilitate? It means that we save the worker the visit to the doctor; then, if they have symptoms, signs of infection by the coronavirus, then stay home”, noted at conference.

The screening, he said, will be done through an electronic questionnaire.

“You do a screening questionnaire, you assign a probability that it is Covid, and then you decide if there is reason to give a permit.”

According to the official, this would last 14 days, a latency time for the mild virus, although it could be extended depending on the case.

The other thing too, is that you have to be aware of signs of aggravation, such as chest pain, high fever that does not subside; lack of air and purple color, those things do have to be looked for (attention).

“Here we do ask them to go to his clinic, if he has more than 14 days, you have to go to the clinic because then this is a sign of concern and does require a medical evaluation.”
He indicated that the insured is then contacted to verify his bank account and make the deposit of the permit.

Additionally, a kit will be sent by courier to avoid family contagion, such as thermometers, face masks, gel and instructions on how to care for a sick person at home.



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