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José María González, Kichi, has given a public place to Facua in Cádiz after the eviction of the Consumers Association from a space that it had been doing an irregular one for 37 years. The mayor of Cádiz has done it in just 24 hours, while associations such as Multiple Sclerosis have been waiting for four years !, as they have recalled from the PP.

The president of the Municipal People’s Group (GMPP) of the Cádiz City Council, Juancho Ortiz, He lamented today that “only sectarianism and contempt for those from Cádiz who fight daily to improve the lives of so many affected by chronic diseases can explain that Kichi finds a second location for Facua in 24 hours and there are social health entities such as Multiple Sclerosis that have been waiting for a decent place for four years

Juancho Ortiz has pointed out that the eviction of Facua from one of the two premises they occupy in the city is due to the result of a judicial process initiated precisely based on the requirement that the Cádiz City Council made in July 2015, with Kichi as mayor already , so that works could be done in the building it occupies. Facua’s refusal to leave so that the Community of Owners began the work to which the Cádiz City Council forced it is the reason for this eviction “so all that hoax that the mayor and some leaders of that organization spread about the revenge of the PP and Cs against Facua is directly a lie“”.

“The precarious transfer of the City of Cádiz to Facua from a premises in 24 hours seems to have fewer papers than the Facua itself from the headquarters from which it has been evicted, which, incidentally, usurped in its day an association of residents of the zone”, have pointed out from the Municipal People’s Group. The popular people from Cádiz have announced that they are going to ask an official question in the General Secretariat to find out the transfer procedure that has been followed for this transfer to Facua, “when -as they have answered in all plenary sessions that we have asked for the transfer of premises to entities such as Multiple Sclerosis or the group of women victims of male violence Las Desamparadas- this type of transfer must be governed by a system of competitive competition. ”

Juancho Ortiz He concluded by noting that “we hope that the mayor has a better response than that given in his usual daily hoax on networks to justify this procedure, which has left all the social entities in Cádiz speechless who are systematically despised by the mayor. Kichi promised an entity in 2016 a place worthy of the many he inherited from the previous Government Team and in 2018 he put them in a hole without a bathroom, divided for two entities and full of humidity. We really hope that it was not a decree of his because it would be a real scandal, even more so when he has kidnapped the Plenary since the end of April without giving a single reason for not holding ordinary sessions as other municipalities are doing. ”