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The journalist and radio director La Costeñísima, Sergio León Corea, was admitted to the Ernesto Sequeira Blanco Regional Hospital in Bluefields in an emergency, with symptoms of a coronavirus, around 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

León had been attending to his home for eight days, due to the distrust of the public system and for being a recognized independent journalist from the southern Caribbean of the country.

“He had very low oxygen levels and the doctor who was treating him at home recommended that he go to the hospital. This doctor’s recommendation had been coming for days, but he refused because of the mistrust in the public health system and obviously because he was himself, “explained Kalúa Salazar, press officer and presenter of the Radio La Costeñísima newscast.

“He felt tired and he lacked enough oxygen and since he is a chronic patient, he already needed to be treated in a hospital,” added Salazar. At home, León Corea was being treated with oxygen, but his health did not improve.


Last week, the Judiciary, the legal repressive apparatus of the dictatorship, summoned León to the Directorate for Alternative Resolution of Conflicts (Dirac) to respond to an alleged complaint of insults and slander.

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According to the summons, the complaint was allegedly filed by Juana Álvarez Mayorga against the communicator and was due to appear on Thursday, May 28 at 10 in the morning. But the journalist was already in poor health.

The complaint was born because through the radio La Costeñísima, in the program “After the News”, space was given to the liberal mayor of the Cruz de Río Grande, Juan Ramón Espinoza, who expressed that the population was extremely concerned about the death of two people suspected of Covid-19, since the health authorities sent them to be buried immediately.

León and his lawyer Boanerges Fornos requested the rescheduling of the appointment.

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«No one from La Costeñísima’s staff mentioned any name or information that might offend someone’s memory. The microphones were simply opened to an official source such as the mayor Juan Ramón Espinoza, who worried about his people, spoke of the pandemic that afflicts the country and the entire world, which is not a secret nor should it be because it is a public health emergency, “said lawyer Fornos at the time.

Has IACHR measures

The journalist Sergio León has been constantly besieged by the regime as well as La Costeñísima radio for not agreeing with the actions of the regime. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) granted precautionary measures in favor of the journalist Sergio León Corea and his family, on June 15, 2019.

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These were at risk for the journalistic work carried out through said radio in the context of the Nicaraguan social protests.

León joins the list of journalists who have presented symptoms of the new coronavirus. Emiliano Chamorro, an independent journalist and Álvaro Navarro, director of Article 66 are hospitalized for the same cause. On May 26, the death of the journalist for Radio Corporación, Gustavo Bermúdez.